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Experience Built By Communication

Alpha Ready Mix is family-owned and has been supplying ready-mix concrete to job sites for twelve years.  We couple common sense communication with expert project management to make getting your concrete delivered as easy as possible.

1. Calculate your volume

Most of our customers use this calculator to figure out how much concrete they need.

2. Call or send us a text

Tell us what you need done. We’ll confirm quantity, our availability and pricing within minutes.

3. Coordinate with ease

Manage the delivery and the details entirely over text message.

One Call Does It All
Concrete Pumping & Concrete Delivery In One Place

We are pleased to provide pumping along with our concrete delivery.
With a single phone call, your concrete delivery and pumping can be scheduled exactly when you need them. No more calling around, checking availability, placing multiple phone calls, and hoping your concrete shows up at the same time as your pump.

Synchronize your concrete delivery and your pumping with Alpha Ready Mix today.

Bringing The Best Concrete For The Job

Our projects maximize the use of environmentally-friendly products that allow for sustainable and durable concrete at any scale.
Ready Mix Concrete Supplier Vancouver WA

Pervious Concrete For flatwork, we use eco-friendly pervious concrete to ensure the passage of water. Pervious concrete is a requirement for many counties for certain applications. Alpha Ready Mix is experienced in maximizing the effectiveness of this important concrete for any project.

Controlled Density Fill (CDF) For isolated locations requiring in need of targeted backfilling, we can also provide CDF concrete applications.

Cement Delivery For projects requiring smaller-scale, on-site mixing we can provide cement to fine-tune your concrete project.

Variable Density Options All of the concrete provided by us is available in high, regular or low-density options. If you’re not sure which type you need, give us a call.

Colored Concrete For applications where decoration is needed – like patios, driveways or even sidewalks – we can provide concrete in a range of colors.

Alpha Ready Mix only uses high-quality, environmentally-safe materials on the concrete work we do. With distribution centers right in Vancouver, Lafarge and BASFare two industry-leading suppliers who provide us with the ready-mix concrete we’ll bring to your site.

Short Notice Concrete Solutions

Because we prioritize communication, we’re able to respond quickly to your needs. That includes deliveries with a tight turnaround or jobs that need to be done ASAP.

We won’t make assumptions about your concrete or your schedule. Easy communication means issues are resolved immediately and your concrete arrives exactly when you expect it.


Delivering Ready Mix Concrete For Your Next Project

Alpha Ready Mix has been a ready mix concrete supplier in Vancouver, Washington for twelve years. Our team has provided concrete for hundreds of projects throughout the area. Alpha Ready Mix handles concrete needs for any project of any size.

Whether it’s a backyard patio, or a new home or commercial foundation we can get the concrete on site and on time. Call or text today to schedule your concrete.


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